WTF Are You Idiots Talking About?  People Are Going to Starve While You Sort Out Trump’s Briefcase!

Europe is going to experience a 1000% increase in energy prices in a few months, the U.S may not be far behind. But TRUMP!

I frankly don’t care much about what Trump took to his beach house in Florida. I frankly doubt it amounts to much. But if it does, he should be charged and prosecuted just like anyone else that has done anything similar.

But in the meantime, what about:

Gas prices
Grocery prices
Interest rates
Libya in civil war
Iraq in civil war
Supply shortages
Violent Crime

Anyone interested in any of that? It would appear not. No – the current narrative is student loan debt and Trump’s boxes of documents. Yep – that is where the future of the country lies – right there.

Here’s a little hint for those of you that follow only MSM – several countries around the world are in civil war – or near civil war. Farmers in Europe (and elsewhere) have had enough – “green” policies are killing them – and with them killing the food supply. It won’t be long before this comes to our shores.

The U.S energy supply is in danger. The European energy supply is already toast – or nearly so. National security depends (among other things) on reliable energy sources. If Libya and Iraq shut down oil exports, the United States is in a world of hurt – right now – and no amount of funding for solar panel research is going to change that in the next few decades – so get ready for a long cold snap – courtesy of the dip-shits in charge of our federal government.

California has stated that gasoline powered cars (new cars) may be banned after 2035 – Washington has done the same. This won’t work -because it can’t work – because the technology is not yet there and neither is the infrastructure – you simply can’t drive from Seattle to Cheyanne with and EV – the goddamned thing won’t get there and there are no charging stations.

BTW: If you start that EV trip from Washington, you may be carjacked or otherwise attacked before you leave. Car theft and catalytic converter theft in Washington is the worst in the nation. So if you plan that trip, make sure you are armed (oh yeah – forgot – that isn’t cool with the current regime).

And never mind that man behind the curtain – that is Washington Governor Jay Inslee. He’s had emergency powers for over 900 days now. Why? Well, because he wants to – and because the Washington state legislature has allowed him to – because – you know – we can’t have strong-man tyrants in positions of power.

But Trump’s fucking briefcase is a problem. Not Inslee usurping the state legislature, not Biden usurping the authority of congress, no.

It will be damned interesting to see just exactly what those documents contained that the FBI took from Mar-a-Lago. It better be good – it really better be good. If not, this shit-show gets much worse folks.

But hey – to hell with all that. In the meantime, people in Europe are going to freeze to death this winter. People in the United States are going to have to choose between groceries and gasoline.

And this is all because you, dear voter, and you dear journalist, don’t know what you should be looking at. You can’t discern the serious from the unserious, you can’t discern what is important. In short, you can’t tell shit from shinola.

Well done. Congratulations.


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