Friends of Gadsden

“Friends of Gadsden” are just that. These are people I interact with on Parler and I consider them, at least in the sense of the social media world, friends. They have supported and encouraged me and I try to support and encourage them. I believe in what they are doing, what their goals are, and how they go about trying to achieve those goals. They show great honesty and integrity and an obvious devotion to truth in everything they say and do. In my humble opinion, we should not only follow and listen to them, we should support them in whatever way we can.

Rucksack Radio has an excellent website with many resources for research and current events.  You will also find original articles that are well-written, accurate, and thought-provoking.  Rucksack Radio takes pride in doing the research behind the scenes.  Tom and Phil host a podcast (vodcast) several times per week, along with an occasional visit from Jenny.  The shows are live and the audience can join in live chat (see the site for the current schedule).  In addition to timely coverage of current events, the hosts frequently engage in the “lighter” side of the news which can be quite humorous.  The shows are recorded and can be found on YouTube and several other platforms.

Living With Liberty has a new website and has been publishing podcasts for several months. Ryan is active at the local level and shares his experiences and insight. He’s plain spoken and a true champion of the conservative cause. He often presents a “twist” that you will find unexpected but quite well thought out. Definitely worth a listen.

Dr. Robert Mather is a psychologist and a conservative (an exceedingly rare combination). He is a published author and regularly writes for Psychology Today. His website has links to blog posts, articles, and podcasts. Interesting and engaging, I look in on his website regularly and you should too.