The Power of YOU

Depending upon what source one chooses to believe, no less than 70-75 million Americans voted for the leadership responsible for the previous trajectory that the country was on, and are likely not okay with the one that we are on now.

Likewise, those same voters watched in real time as the vast majority of the White House Press Corps transformed overnight from adversarial foes to sycophant stenographers.

Now, as the Democratic Party continues its daily assault on civil liberties and freedoms of every day citizens, it is harder for lovers of constitutional governance to keep a calm disposition as executive orders and one party legislation propagates without pause.

Don’t get mad. Get involved in arresting the erosion.

We may be between election cycles, but there are things that can done right now.

Not next week. Not tomorrow. But RIGHT NOW.

It all starts with a bit of prep work on your part. And on your neighbors’s part. And with all patriots everywhere.

Before one enters a combat zone, political or otherwise, having a good sense of intelligence and situational awareness is everything.

Start with the basics: Get a copy of the US Constitution, as well as a copy of your state’s Constitution.

READ THEM. Whatever you don’t understand, seek out competent assistance. The end state is to be able to articulate the high points to anyone anywhere with some reasonable confidence of comprehension.

Put together a readily available list of your pertinent elected officials, from mayor to state representative to governor, and everyone in between and all around. This should include snail mail and email addresses, phone numbers, and websites, if applicable.

Websites such as can offer links to real locations where actionable information can be obtained. Such places should be bookmarked and frequented often.

Once one has the data needed to navigate the waters of political change, subsequent steps will be much easier to execute.

Stay tuned, friends. We’re just getting started. 👍🏾🇺🇸

*A modified version of this post was originally published on Parler by the author.

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