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Mar-a-Lago: Someone is Being Played – Who?

Are Democrats trying to select the Republican 2024 candidate, or did they just swallow the bait? As of this writing there are little more than rumors surrounding the reasons for the FBI search at Mar-a-Lago.  All that can be substantiated is that the search did occur, and a warrant was issued. However, to make the […]

What IS Important?  Let Me Ask That Again – What IS Important?

Putin is rattling his nuclear saber over Ukraine, and China is doing the same over Taiwan.  And U.S. politicians are arguing over – what exactly? Ted Cruz blasts out this: I don’t know about any of my readers, but I could care less about sports – all sports – any sports.  I never knew of […]

More Misinformation from the Media – The Sig MCX-SPEAR

Once again, the media are going out of their way to cause panic. One would think with the resources available to the media and politicians that they would be able to afford to hire at least one individual familiar with firearms.  Failing that, one would think they could at least find an expert to interview […]


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