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The real meaning of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is rich in traditions. The turkey. The dressing. The pumpkin pie. The family assembled in prayerful reverence in remembrance of the … The real meaning of Thanksgiving

The Mid-Terms: No Surprise

Many on the right are shocked at the outcome of the mid-term election – they shouldn’t be. This was predictable.

Democracy On the Ballot

The internet makes it easy to broadcast misinformation, it also makes misinformation easier to detect.

Unity Depends Not on How We Agree, But on How We Disagree

America is an incredibly diverse country.  We are diverse because we are free. Yuval Levin, in an excellent article in National Review, describes how our Constitution is designed to unify us.  He calls our system “consensus” rule, not majority rule.  He rightly points out that the underlying strength of our system is based on competition.  […]


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