Some Things Conservatives May Want to Consider While Navigating the News

The motives of our adversaries may not be quite what they seem.

I’m not one for conspiracies and anyone that has read my past articles should know that the last thing I want to do is sow further mistrust or infighting within conservative ranks. I offer the following as nothing more than “food for thought.”

Over the weekend, the news broke that Twitter had suspended the account of Marjorie Taylor Greene. And by “news broke” I mean I saw it on every news outlet I looked at. I posted on Parler that the powers at Twitter had probably accomplished precisely the opposite of what then intended. If they intended to squelch “dangerous misinformation” or simply silence a conservative, what they achieved was to get her name front and center on every news outlet in the country. Then I thought, what if that was the idea? Wouldn’t they have known this would happen?

In the run-up to the 2016 election, Trump was given unprecedented coverage by the media – almost all of it negative. Was that to discredit him and the GOP or was it because they wanted him to win the primary – because they thought (mistakenly) he had the best chance of losing against Hillary? The media still can’t leave Trump alone almost a year after he left office. Why? Because they want to further discredit him or because they want to promote him in the hope he runs again in 2024?

In one of the more dramatic scenes in “All The President’s Men” the informant “Deep Throat” says to Bob Woodward “They wanted to run against McGovern. Who are they running against?” The implication was that the Nixon administration wasn’t so much interested in digging up dirt on the opposition as they were steering the outcome of the Democratic primaries.

That the mainstream media slants politically left is, in my opinion, beyond question. They clearly go out of their way do discredit conservatives. What I’m suggesting here is not so much “instead of” as it may be “in addition to.” I’m suggesting that, where conservatives are concerned, the media intentionally promotes what it sees as extreme in the hope that these people/candidates will appeal to the base (and thereby make it into the race) and alienate the center (thereby losing the race).

The coverage of the Jan 6th riot is yet another example of promoting extremism while making it seem they are attacking it. It may well be bait. They hope the investigation and the treatment of those detained will excite loud and extreme condemnation which can be spun in the press as coming from “extremists” – and to some degree it’s working.

Too much conspiracy here? Am I giving them credit for being smarter than they are?


I leave it to the reader to decide.


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