Who is Curating Hate?

If you call someone racist because they do not support CRT, who is promoting hate?

If you call someone racist for refusing to support BLM, a sham organization that has done nothing but instigate riots and bilk millions from ignorant doners, who is promoting hate?

If you are a sitting member of congress and you call on your supporters to physically confront your political opponents and drive them from the public square, who is promoting hate?

If you are a candidate for the nomination of the Democratic party for president, and you proudly (and publicly) declare that the enemy you are most proud to oppose (enemy – enemy) is a non-profit organization of 6 million law abiding citizens that is over 100 years old, who is promoting hate?

If you characterize half of the voting public as “deplorable”, who is promoting hate?

If you are a celebrity comic and you manufacture a fake picture of yourself holding the severed head of a politician you disagree with, who is promoting hate?

When the media labels one riot (or dozens) “mostly peaceful”, and another riot (one riot – and one only) a “violent insurrection” based on nothing more than political ideology, who is promoting hate?

When the media falsely accuses a young man of racism (and is sued and loses), and the media purposely edits video to frame and defame this young man, who is promoting hate?

When Rolling Stone publishes an article declaring that a mass shooter is not a “lone wolf” but a mainstream member of one of the two major political parties, who is promoting hate?  I have to ask, is it really the position of Rolling Stone that everyone that votes conservative is a racist mass shooter?  If so, then mass shootings are stunningly rare when compared to the overall population, so rare in fact as to be statistically insignificant.  One would think that if there were 80 million racist mass shooters out there, these events would happen more frequently.

When left-wing rioters spray paint “ACAB”, who is promoting hate?

When “Back the Blue” is called racist, who is promoting hate?

When Antifa attacks and beats an elderly Jewish man and wife minding their own business (in Portland OR), who is promoting hate?

One really has to wonder, when politicians and media types spout this sort to thing, what is the calculation?  Is it “who can I entice to my side?” Or is it “who can I alienate and drive away from my side?”  It’s getting really hard to tell.  Hillary said the NRA was the enemy she was most proud of.  People on her side of that divide were already going to vote for her.  All she did with that comment was seal the fact that around 5 or 6 million people would not vote for her.  So that silly crack was intended to do what exactly?  Pretty clear it was intended to alienate and divide.  That may sound like a silly calculation for a politician to make, and it is if the intent is to sway people.  But it isn’t if the intent is to promote hate.  Hillary told me that night, on national TV, that she was my enemy (I’m a life member of the NRA).  Was that intended to get my vote?

The bullshit flying in the wake of the Buffalo shooting is bullshit on a stunning level.  If his “manifesto” is really his, he’s not on the right, he’s not a conservative, and he’s not even a human.  He’s an animal.  He doesn’t represent anyone – anyone.  He’s not “mainstream” Democrat or Republican.  But what we are about to see, and what we are already seeing, is an attempt to “assign” him to one or the other.  Any thinking person would reject any such attempt.  But we all well know; the news consumers are not thinking people.  If they were, we wouldn’t have the current slate of members of congress and we wouldn’t have Joe Biden as president.

It strikes me as a bit odd that the media would attempt to connect “the great replacement” conspiracy theory with conservatives.  The reason I say that is this: I never heard of it.  I’ve been reading George Will and National Review and a host of other conservative thinkers for decades.  One would think this “term” would have come up once or twice in all those years.  No?  The first time I heard this term was this week.  Why?  I’ll admit, I’ve heard it speculated that Democrats want our southern border open because they think those coming in – if they vote – will vote Democrat.  That sounds more like a cold political calculation on the part of Democrats than a right-wing conspiracy theory to me.  It’s a flawed calculation it would seem – it appears Hispanic voters are not too keen on the Democrats recent embrace of radical woke social issues (among other things).  But Democrat conspiracy or not, it’s a Democrat thing – I never heard of it, and as a conservative, I really think I would have before now.

Kevin D. Williamson, writing for National Review, points out here and here that focusing on ideology or race with regard to mass shooters or perpetrators of hate crimes is not very productive.  In fact, it’s silly.  It’s a distraction and it is preventing the correct conversation by providing a red herring to entice precisely the wrong conversation.  What hate crime perpetrators and mass shooters have in common is not race or ideology.  What they have in common is broken lives, mental health issues, and a criminal history – usually a violent criminal history.  Conservatives generally reject the notion of “new” gun control laws in no small part based on the fact that existing laws are not enforced.  There is a path to reduce this sort of violence, it’s one we’ve already agreed on, it doesn’t involve partisan politics, and it doesn’t involve convoluted constitutional arguments.  ENFORCE THE EXISTING LAWS!  Simple.  By continuing to insist that mass shootings and hate crimes are somehow tied to race or political ideology, politicians are ignoring the causes – not addressing the causes – ignoring them.

While the media distracted you with the ideological musings of the dirt bag responsible for the shooting in Buffalo, around the same time there were around three times as many people shot in Milwaukee.  Of those arrested and charged so far, no information (that I’ve seen anyway) supports a common political ideology.  What they have in common is a criminal record of violence – to include illegal possession of firearms – that predates the shooting(s) last week.  Yet they were on the street.  If existing laws were enforced, they would not have been on the street.  We (“we”) are clearly unserious about preventing this sort of violence given these facts.

Are there curators of hate?  Yes.  Are there people that align with conservatives that are racist?  Yes.  Are there people that vote Democrat that are racist?  Yes – I knew many of them – good union boys in downtown Tacoma Washington – racist to the core – and voted Democrat every damned time.

The notion that conservatives are racist or white supremacists is a fiction.  Manufactured entirely.  Look around at your own camp before you start making accusations.  Hate is just that – hate.  If you hate conservatives because of who they vote for, you are the promoters of hate.

I know many conservatives.  And this may come as a shock to those reading the MSM right now, but none are racist, and none support white supremacy.  No, they are just normal folks trying to go about their daily lives without government interference in virtually every damned aspect of their daily lives.  But that is apparently too much for some politicians.  Conservatives I know don’t give much of a shit about race and identity politics – we really don’t.

What we do care about is secure borders, a stable economy, inflation, high fuel prices, food shortages (to include baby formula), law and order, and individual rights.  We want a stable economy and society based on the rule of law – which is the Constitution.  We’re not too hard to figure out – if – and only if – you listen to what we say.

Isn’t it all much simpler than this?  The political ideology of the mass shooter or the hate crime perpetrator is only relevant if the media or the politicians can tie it (however tenuously) to conservatives.  The hate spewed by a politician is only hate if it comes from a conservative politician.  Hate spewed by a Democrat is just activism – or passion – or whatever.  Isn’t that really about the size of it?


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