A Brief New Year’s Message

No matter which side of the political divide you are on when your side lies call them out. You’ll be doing a great service to your country.

The Russian collusion hoax (2016) was just that – a hoax. The 2020 stolen election hoax was the same.

When Trump is wrong, call him out. When Trump is right, say so. When Biden is wrong, call him out. When Biden is right, say so.

It’s called intellectual honesty – and it isn’t too hard to figure out. But it is very important – it is central in fact to a productive conversation and any hope of moving forward.

Think critically, and question everything. Ask “who is saying this – do they have an agenda?” Ask who paid for the study cited in the article – do they have an agenda?

It seems many today are turning away from traditional media sources to social media. Social media is a cesspool of “Should Trump be arrested? Yes or No?” and “Should Biden be impeached? Yes or No?” – in every case with no defined charges and no specific evidence – classic “Who Fucking Cares” stuff. Bring charges and bring evidence or shut your damned mouth – that would be the position of a critical thinker – is that you?

Ask yourself honestly – do you question sources? Do you question the narrative? Do you question Trump? Do you question Biden? Do you question the leaders in the house and senate? Do you question your local state representatives? Do you think for yourself or do you accept the narrative of the side you think you align with?

If you don’t question, you are not part of the problem – you are the entire problem. 2023 is a chance to do better – take it.


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  1. Happy New Year, Gadsden! Delighted to have read this, and surprised you haven’t gotten more negative commentary from *our* side over it. Keep up the good work. -BorisB

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