How Incredibly Stupid Can a Narrative Get?

If everything is racist, nothing is.

Everything is now racist.  Math, songs, school ciriculum, mass shootings, where does the list end?  

Jason Aldean’s song is what?   More anon.

Americans just want to preserve their right to self-defense – so what is that “one word?”    

    Full disclosure – I’ve read exactly three articles published by the Atlantic – and that is all I need to know about the Atlantic.

  We have people looking for racism, and they seem to find it everywhere they look.   Jason Aldean’s song “Try That In A Small Town” objectively has nothing to do with race.  It has to do with behavior that well over half the country finds abhorrent.  It wasn’t even mentioned in the media until the video came out (the song was released in May).  And the video depicts BLM riots – another abhorrent set of events.  BLM has already been exposed as a sham organization that funneled money into the pockets of the leaders – this much is plain now – it was not and never was a “good cause.”  In any event, a clear majority of the population DID NOT SUPPORT RIOTING!

  A local (conservative?) radio host claimed this song was racist and incited violence.  He used as justification the lyrics about flag burning (protected under a Supreme Court ruling) as well as reference to “grandpa’s gun.”   First, there is no “right” to burn the U.S. flag – there is a court case.  Second, that court case in my mind has been rendered moot by more recent laws.  Burning the American flag is “protected speech” but burning a Pride flag is a hate crime – at least locally here where I live.  Well, you can’t have it both ways.  If burning Old Glory is protected, so is burning the Pride flag.  If burning the Pride flag is a hate crime, then so is burning Old Glory. 

The local radio host went on to attack the video noting how many acts of violence were portrayed in the video by black people and how many were portrayed by white people – this was his evidence of racism.  I can’t imagine having so much time on my hands that I could count the numbers and races of all the actors in a video, a commercial, a movie, or a TV series in order to try to make an argument about whether the piece/post was racist or not – that is clearly looking for an excuse.  I’d focus on the overt message myself – but that’s just me.

  The song rails against robbery, carjacking, rape, rioting, and arson among other things.  Are we to assume the critics of this song support all these things?  Will the critics please tell us where they stand on all these?   Oh – and – math is racist:

  And according to CNN, “mass shootings” are the result of racism.

  Now it’s “structural racism,” I’m still waiting patiently for a definition and example of “systemic racism.”   We’ve all known, for a very long time, that the vast majority of “mass shootings” happen in major metropolitan areas and that they are driven by gangs and their associated drug trade.  The shooters are not CPL holders, not ordinary citizens on their way to and from work, and not NRA members.  They are black on black so naturally they disproportionately affect Black people.  Black on black shootings is the result of racism?  I’ll wager that the mental gymnastics to get to that are impressive.  In any event, the white redneck NRA member seems to be absent from this equation – odd.

  It seems odd, doesn’t it?  I have (and have had) friends, family members, and acquaintances from every stripe – every “protected class” – and I see no evidence of the hostility portrayed in the media.  Even total strangers – we hold the door for one another at the gas station, we say “thank you.”  I go hunting every year with a group that spans the spectrum – politically left, politically right, observant Christians, and people that have no use for religion at all.  We don’t fight, we help one another, and we look out for one another.  Isn’t it odd that in everyday life we don’t see the hostility the media and talking heads would have us believe exists?   Why don’t my friends and family act like the people on social media?  Why don’t they act the way the MSM would have us believe they do? 

Let’s apply Occam’s Razor here, shall we?   All other things being equal, the most simple and straightforward explanation is probably the right one.  And the simple and straightforward explanation is that what you see in the media and on social media is bullshit.  You don’t have to work too hard or spend much time to confirm my hypothesis here.  

Our Vice President has posted on SM several times in the last day or two criticizing the school curriculum in Florida – saying in essence that it is dishonest and “whitewashes” the history of slavery in the United States.  She’s wrong.  What is worse, she knows she’s wrong.  Charlie Cooke at National Review does a masterful job of taking here down.      

What is fueling this nonsense in the media and social media is not a few weird Q people, it’s not a few “Proud Boys” or “Three Percenters” – it’s coming straight from the top.  It’s coming from the White House, it’s coming from congressmen and senators, and it’s coming from what were once trusted media sources.  

Jason Aldean’s song is not racist.  The reason Americans want to retain their rights under the Second Amendment has nothing to do with race.  The fact that math requires right answers has nothing to do with race.  And VP Harris’s contention that Florida schools are hiding the truth in history lessons has no relation to truth whatsoever.   

This is nothing more than a political narrative.  I hope the folks behind it know what they are asking for – but I fear they do not.  Don’t misjudge the intentions of your adversary, you are being gaslit from the very top.  


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