Who Is Setting The Narrative On The Left?

It’s getting hard to distinguish the leaders from the followers.

Charles C. W. Cooke, in a recent article for National Review, notes that the media appear to be in the lead.  Cooke notes:

“For reasons that remain alien to me, almost the entirety of the American press — as well as much of academia and the entertainment industry — has spent the last five years assiduously adopting an exceptionally weird race- and gender-essentialist ideology that pretty much everyone outside of those institutions absolutely loathes. And, in its infinite wisdom, the Democratic Party has followed suit.”

I would add climate hysteria to Mr. Cooke’s list.

Why would Joe Biden, a very seasoned politician (if nothing else) continue to push his massive spending packages while ignoring everything the general public was concerned about?  He’s only now beginning to talk about inflation and fuel prices.  He still refuses to talk about our southern border.  He appears to ignore what the polls say the American people are concerned about.  This strikes me as a strange way for an experienced politician to act.

Biden’s poll numbers have been dropping since the minute he took office.  In the realm of negative poll numbers, Biden is only outdone by the media and congress.  And maybe there is a connection there (the very connection Cooke makes).

Biden and the Democrats seem to be taking their priorities and talking points not from the voters, but from the media.

Much has been written at National Review and countless other outlets about the disconnect between politicians and voters.  “Defund the Police,” shutting down pipelines and drilling, teaching CRT, sex ed for K-3.  The media appear to love this, but it turns out the public isn’t too thrilled.  There seems to be an ever-growing list of Democrat talking points that are unpopular, in some cases wildly unpopular.

As Cooke points out, this is a self-reinforcing problem for the Democrats.  The more the politicians talk about a topic the media loves, the more the media lavishes favorable coverage on them – encouraging more of the same.  This isn’t a problem for Republicans, the media bias ensures they don’t get favorable coverage.

What I find truly astonishing about this, is that the Democrats would allow it to happen.  If you’re a politician and your voters are concerned about inflation (to take but one example), you better be talking about inflation if you want to keep your job.  But it appears the media (mainstream or social – I think both are in play here) is now in the driver’s seat on the left.  I’m not sure how else one would explain the disconnect.  It’s as if Democrat politicians watch CNN, take a look at Twitter “to see what everyone is talking about,” and proceed from there to formulate their next cringeworthy, disconnected speech on a topic which either no one cares about, or that they come down on the wrong side of the public on.

Biden and the Democrats have signed up for the same tanking approval numbers the media enjoy.

I can’t help but wonder where all the letters I and millions of others write to our elected representatives go.  Do our representatives not see them or do they willfully ignore them?

By almost all accounts, the Democrats are in for a trouncing this fall.  Maybe that will encourage a few people to pay attention to the concerns of the voters – but I doubt it.



  1. I’m sorry and I know it’s not a popular opinion but I think they know they are stealing elections and don’t care about polls these days. The uptick in China COVID numbers seem to be setting a stage for another steal. Call it a conspiracy theory but it makes sense why they don’t care.

  2. The reason politicians care about climate change (insofar as they do care) is the same reason you evacuate a city when there’s a forest fire heading your way. I can see you don’t subscribe to this view, but in a sense it doesn’t matter, we’ll all burn or drown or whatever, whether we believe it or not. Unless politicians and industry really do start to care about the imminent destruction of our world more than gas prices. I think you will change your view in thirty years when you see what we will be faced with. In Australia, we’ve just had unprecedented fires, followed by unprecedented floods. Temperatures recently recorded at the poles are respectively 30 and 40 degrees above average for the time of year. And yet you focus on gas prices. It’s why we deserve to go extinct.

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