The Left Struggles with Reality

There may be something wrong with your worldview if you find it necessary to ignore or redefine reality to support it.

There has been recent talk of a federal government “bailout” (stimulus) that would give Americans money with which to buy gasoline.  It is difficult to imagine a worse response to our current situation.  High fuel prices are driven by demand exceeding supply.  Such a “stimulus” would add to the demand side of the problem and do nothing about the supply.  This would drive prices even higher – almost certainly outstripping any benefit to the consumer in the end.  This will make matters worse.

It has been common knowledge for many decades that inflation is caused by too much money in the economy.  It’s just that simple.  Having dumped too much cash into the economy, the only way to reduce inflation is to raise interest rates.  We’ve seen this before, this shouldn’t be a mystery to anyone.

The Biden administration announced just this week that one million barrels of oil per day would be released from reserves.  This may impact the supply side of the market but it is doubtful that such an impact will be significant (we use about 20 million barrels per day).  This will have no impact on the supply of oil available to the country.  This is about like me addressing inflation by pulling money from savings; my income and expenses would not be changed at all.  In other words, this scheme is obviously not sustainable.  The current reality is that oil prices are high because the future of the supply does not look good to the market.

A few states (my home state among them) are toying with the idea of banning the sale of gasoline-powered cars in the relatively near future (2030 to 2040).  For this to comport with reality, they must assume that some vast improvements in technology are just over the horizon.  Currently, charging stations don’t exist, our electric power grid won’t support this, and our supply of electricity won’t support this.  If these states are serious about this, they should begin now to expand the grid, increase power generation, and build charging stations because the infrastructure required will take decades to put in place.  California, as I write, is encouraging customers to ration their use of electricity.  It is simply not possible, with the current state of technology and electrical supply, to switch from gas to electric.

According to all we know about biology, in any species that reproduces sexually there are two genders.  Shocking isn’t it?

The Seattle City Council was defunding the police while the mayor described the CHAZ autonomous zone as a “summer of love.”  This didn’t age well.  Apparently, it did not occur to supporters of this that removing the police from our streets would result in rising crime rates.  This rejection of reality has proven deadly.

While shutting down coal and nuclear plants certainly appealed to the climate activists, they may want to ask the Germans how they feel now about energy supply as it relates to national security.  Shutting down those plants would have been fine if the energy could be replaced by a secure alternative.  This was not the case in Germany.  Shutting down the plants made Germany reliant on Putin’s Russia.  National (and global) security depends on secure energy and food supplies (at a bare minimum), no matter how much one may want to believe otherwise. 

You can “identify” as a cat if you like, but that doesn’t make you a cat.  If you think it does, you’re disconnected from reality.  This sort of thing is bad enough.  Far worse though, is the notion that the rest of us are obliged to likewise disconnect ourselves from reality and “embrace” or even “celebrate” the fact that you are disconnected from reality.  I can think of very few things more destructive than purposely increasing the number of people disconnected from reality, but it appears many among us think this is a good idea.



  1. The amount of whiplash I experienced going from reading about electric cars to about sexual reproduction. The structure of this article was needlessly confusing. Was that intentional?

    Unrelated, but has anyone actually identified as a cat and been taken seriously? I wasn’t able to find anything, so if you could send over whatever source you found it would be much appreciated. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

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