Unhinged! – Or – “This Week in Crazy!”

Social media is losing its mind.  The tirade would be comical if it didn’t say so much about the general intelligence level.

That’s their job Joe, it’s why they exist and it’s why they are not elected.  If old Joe ever read the Constitution, he would know that.  Oh – and BTW: That last statement is obviously false.

Just like the president, never read the Constitution.  The point of the limits on the government, clearly spelled out in the Constitution, is that some things are beyond the reach of the majority – a concept the left simply cannot comprehend. 

Read the ruling Gov.  Abortion is already legal in Washington and the Supreme Court just ruled that the matter is up to the states.  But anything for a photo op, I guess.

Another excellent point.  Of course, it ignores several constitutional amendments but hey – why nit-pick?

Another example of sound legal reasoning!

100% clear?  Pardon me, but I believe the court just ruled that the federal government does not have such power, such powers are reserved for the states.  It seems 100% clear that this is extremely unlikely.

As ever, Medium can be depended on for that solid, down-to-earth opinion writing we all need.  Allowing states to make their own laws, you see, is undemocratic.  The democratic approach would be to have a panel of unelected judges make laws at the national level.  Seems clear enough to me.

Another Medium headline – overstated much?

And then we have this little gem.  Tells me all I need to know about “social justice.”

Far too numerous were all the posts about how the court in the last few days has removed the ability of the states to pass firearm laws, and that women will now be “forced to give birth” as though they were dairy cows.

Those claiming that Dobbs is an example of judicial activism are apparently immune to irony.  Dobbs is an example of the court UNDOING judicial activism.

And the fact that this court is now clearly opposed to judicial activism is likely what the left is most upset about.  Contrary to the screeching from the left, this is the least politicized court in my memory.  Want to pass laws?  Fine – do it the old-fashioned way – through the legislature, not the court.


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