The Supreme Court’s Stunning Attack on Democracy!

Congress was intended to talk and tweet, not pass laws!

That the court would rule that congress actually has a legitimate function in our federal government is appalling.  This must not stand!

We’ve all known for decades that the job of congressmen and senators is to go on Sunday “news” talking head shows and………………….or, failing that,………….Tweet.  They aren’t supposed to actually do anything – they are supposed to talk and tweet.  Anyone with even a cursory knowledge of the Constitution knows this.  For the court to rule that congress actually has a functional place in our federal system will upend everything we’ve come to know since public schools stopped teaching civics!  This is the end folks – this is truly the end.  America’s little experiment is self-government has been undone by 9 unelected judges that are now refusing to govern us.  What a shame.

Charles C. W. Cooke at National Review has done a masterful job of covering this tragic moment in American history.  As Charlie points out, the court has found a loophole in the Constitution that has gone undetected for several decades – maybe even two centuries.  It’s unfathomable, but here it is:

Article 1, section 1 of the United States Constitution.

“All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.”

Who knew?

Who knew of this little known, never used, buried tidbit in the Constitution?  I knew absolutely nothing of it before my 8th grade U.S. History class in 1976.  Why do the media and politicians hide this stuff from us?

That the court would base such far-reaching decisions on this trick of legalese wording speaks to the nefarious motive of the court.  This has gone too far – too far I say!  The intellectual giants of our age agree with me as evidenced by this!

But there is one little point of confusion here – at least for me – and maybe I’m wrong.  But it “appears” the court has reversed its “gross overreach” and decided the “seized” powers in question belong to Congress.  I don’t know – I must be reading it wrong.

A reasonable person would assume that the Supreme Court deciding that powers previously usurped by the court or the executive branch in fact belong to Congress would be welcomed by members of Congress – such as AOC.  But she doesn’t seem too pleased.  One can only assume the doesn’t want such power and doesn’t want congress to have such power.  Why?  Because she knows the TRUTH!  The job of Congress is to talk and tweet – not to pass laws.  Everyone knows this, but they keep attacking AOC.  It really isn’t fair.  Stop reading the Constitution and listening to fake news people!  AOC has the line on the real truth.

Think about it folks – who are you going to believe – some judge that spent their whole life studying the law and the Constitution, or a sitting member of congress with a background of tending bar in New York?  I think the answer is obvious – don’t you?

This is bad folks – really bad.  Now, the Chief Executive can only enforce laws passed by congress – the executive branch can no longer make laws up on the fly.  That whole “pen-and-phone” thing is in real trouble now.  But that isn’t the worst part – the worst part is that Congress will actually have to pass laws.  No one expected this – the system was not designed for congress to actually do anything – this is a total disaster for “democracy.”  AOC and company are rightly beside themselves over the notion that they may have to do something other than tweet.

It’s truly a dark day in America folks.


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