What IS Important?  Let Me Ask That Again – What IS Important?

Putin is rattling his nuclear saber over Ukraine, and China is doing the same over Taiwan.  And U.S. politicians are arguing over – what exactly?

Ted Cruz blasts out this:

I don’t know about any of my readers, but I could care less about sports – all sports – any sports.  I never knew of a ballgame that changed the economy or the stock market or U.S. foreign policy.  Frankly, sports to me don’t matter.  They just don’t.  So why would Cruz pump this out? Easy – because to millions of people sports DO matter (why?  We don’t know).

In other news – on the topic of silly bullshit that no one should be paying attention to – and the things they SHOULD be paying attention to – have you seen the news from the Netherlands?  How about Canada?  Germany?  Well – no, you probably haven’t – because the media seems to be ignoring it.  Let me give you a brief rundown.

EU countries are in revolt – well – the farmers there are anyway – because of mindless government regulations on things like fertilizer.  That is one piece anyway – there are others.  See also Shri Lanka.

I don’t discount or dismiss climate change, but I do discount and dismiss mindless and silly “solutions” to it.

Banning petrochemical fertilizer is senseless – plain and simple.  Crop yields will take a nose-dive and people will go hungry.  It makes about as much sense as banning fossil fuels – it simply won’t work because there are no viable alternatives.  Before you even start, no – no, there are not alternatives.  Organic practices will yield about half of current yield.  There are things we could do to help – like regenerative agriculture – and those should be embraced and promoted.  But to simply shut off the tap to fossil fuels and commercial fertilizer is not a solution – and it will create huge problems – world wide.

The thing the “Green” and “Left” think they support is not what they think it is.  They are angling for widespread famine and global war.  That is what happens when food supplies run out – don’t take my word for it – look at history.  Cutting American oil production and limiting fertilizer in North America is a certain recipe for disaster – for a war – for a war like no one has ever seen.  We haven’t seen widespread hunger here in the U.S. for a very long time – if it comes back – well – mind your top knot and keep your sidearm handy – because this is going to get ugly – all courtesy of the left.

Green New Deal?  What a wonderful aspiration – in practice it will mean bankruptcy, famine, and violence.  What IS important – to you?

History has proven that people will put up with an awful lot of shit, but one thing they won’t put up with is starving.  History has also proven that when the people are starving, they will quite literally cut a steak off the ass of the guy in charge.

Lefties and Greenies might want to be careful what they wish for.


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