Mar-a-Lago: Someone is Being Played – Who?

Are Democrats trying to select the Republican 2024 candidate, or did they just swallow the bait?

As of this writing there are little more than rumors surrounding the reasons for the FBI search at Mar-a-Lago.  All that can be substantiated is that the search did occur, and a warrant was issued.

However, to make the case that this was not a politically motivated abuse, two things must be true:

  • The matter under investigation is serious and imminent – AND
  • The evidence to support the warrant application was very recently discovered.

The “nuclear secrets” rumors floating around make little sense – Trump has been out of office for 18 months.  Anything that substantial should have triggered action much sooner.

Garland has requested the warrant be unsealed; Trump has stated that he wants it unsealed as well.  But the Trump team has a copy of the warrant – they haven’t released it.  The warrant alone is not likely to reveal much.  The evidence presented in the application for the warrant would.  Perhaps Trump is attempting to get the FBI to show its hand.

Unless some very serious and damning evidence results from this search, it will be impossible for the Justice Department to convincingly argue this was not politically motivated.  This search has (for now at least) allowed Trump to change the narrative and present himself as the victim.  It has made him a martyr and elevated him.  Perhaps that is what the Democrats wanted.

In the run-up to the 2016 election, it is obvious (in hindsight) that the media and the left wanted to run against Trump.  This is why they gave him so much free airtime.  The left knew they had a very weak candidate in Hillary Clinton, and they thought Trump was the weakest Republican candidate in the field.  They miscalculated of course.  Trying to select the candidate you want to run against is not particularly new but it now appears to be viewed as much less scandalous than it was in 1973.  As has been widely covered in recent weeks, Democrats have been supporting Republican candidates in the primaries, the Republicans they want to run against.  It is a practice that should be universally condemned, it is dangerous and irresponsible in the extreme.  It elevates the risk of extremists being elected and extremists (left or right) do not belong in office.

There are also rumors of an informant with access to Trump, perhaps a Secret Service agent.  If true this might explain new evidence recently made available to DOJ (again, all rumor at this point, I’ve seen nothing to substantiate any of this).  If true and if team Trump knew about the informant, they may have baited the DOJ.  If no serious and damning evidence comes of this search, it’s a huge boost for Trump as explained earlier.  It may have been exactly what Trump wanted.

If serious and damning evidence is presented as a result of this search, the DOJ will be vindicated and Trump will likely be charged (or at the least, politically damaged).  In this event, Trump should be held accountable if laws were broken.  No one is above the law.

If what comes from this search is a “nothing burger” it would be a strong indication that someone was being played.  The only question would be “who?”


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